Do you know the Types of Tablet Packaging?

In pharmaceutical industry, the tablet manufacturing is important. Tablet manufacturing should be safe and so does the table packaging. Proper packaging of tablet is required to maintain the potency of medicine.

Tablet Packaging

Tablet packaging is a comprehensive process. It needs to protect the tablet for storage, distribution and sale. The main objective of the packaging is to enhance the security and convenience of storage.

It involves mainly three types: primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. The main step is enveloping the tablets in strip and blister packaging. The next step involves arranging the blister packs in contains. The last tertiary step encompasses packaging in large volume for transportation and shipping.

Blister Packaging- Pre-formed Plastic Packaging

The most important material which is used for this includes Polyvinyl Chloride. It is cost-effective and easy to use for thermoforming. This type of packaging is preferred because of features like temper resistance, durability and transparency. Being high protective quality, it is in great demand. This is also child resistant and enhances the medicine efficiency. Blister packs are useful for safeguarding products against external factors like contamination and humidity.

Skin Packaging- Type of Carded Packaging

This kind of packaging is simply known as skin pack. It is preferred for packaging small items. The plastic cover of the product is especially formed over the product in skin pack. It requires less space during storage as well as display. Besides pharmaceutical industry, it is popular with retail market. When it comes to tablet packaging, such type of packaging comes as a cost-effective method. Thus, it adds more value to the business.

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What to Know before Choosing a Contract Manufacturer?

Pharmaceutical sector requires contract manufacturers for preparing quality supplements. As they are equipped with all the amenities for producing health supplements, contract manufacturing comes as an easy way to get the required medicines without a hitch.

Let us learn what you should ensure before going for contract manufacturing.

Right Potency is the First Necessity

When it comes to pharmaceutical products, it is essential to have the right potency for effective use. With contract manufacturing, you can be sure of the right potency as task is taken care by encapsulation specialists. They focus on high potency and necessary nutrients while manufacturing such products. They have a specialized research and development team that consistently works on enhancing the effectiveness of nutrient supplements. Proper usage of minerals and nutrients ensures the effectiveness of medicines.

Reduce the Cost with Contract Manufacturing

It is not easy to produce medicines without the help of sophisticated machinery and tools. For professional of pharmaceutical industry, it is important to get the right medicine with accurate composition. It can cost you heavy bucks while setting up a manufacturing plant. How to obtain them without getting affected with the heavy production cost? In such scenario, contact manufacturing comes as a boon. Professional manufacturers produce quality health supplements and medicines and supply you within the specified time.

Seek Manufacturing Capabilities

You should contact any professional contract manufacturer after ensuring their manufacturing capabilities. It encompasses everything right from custom formulation to tablet packing, from encapsulation to packaging and finally labeling. With expert manufacturers, you can be sure of quality products as they follow the specified guidelines and come up with the supplements that are safe to use.

The Criterion of Quality Maintenance

As the dietary supplements affect health, they must have the high quality. Approach a contract manufacturer who has proven track record of maintaining quality of nutrients. By following different levels of security check, they frequently monitor the quality of end products. Once you are sure of their quality, you can go for the one that can suitably fulfill your requirements. Read more…

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An Assessment on Adding Dietary Supplements to your Diet

In order to maintain a balanced health we all need a balance of essential nutrients from a variety of foods. But with a tight schedule it is simply impossible to maintain a healthy diet. This is one of the main reasons why some of us reach out for vitamins and supplements to make up for the deprivations.

Contract manufacturing companies are always on the search for the next best option to give consumers what we want.

The Benefits of Taking Dietary Supplements

Do not have a misconception that, supplements can treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. Dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many other products. Dietary Supplements can be purchased in the form of pills, capsules, powders, drinks, and energy bars.

There are many supplements available in the market that can play an important role in health. Taking supplements such as, calcium and vitamin D helps in keeping our bones strong. Vitamins like folic acid are typically recommended to pregnant women so as to prevent the babies from various birth defects.

Dietary supplements do not go through the testing as drugs do, so make sure that your products are manufactured by trusted Vitamin Tablet Manufacturer.

Choosing the Right Form of Vitamin

Consult a doctor or dietician on the right kind of supplements that you should start taking. Some of the supplements come in the form of pills as the contents tend to become ineffective when they are exposed to stomach acids. There are people who face difficulties consuming or absorbing solid form of vitamins or supplements in which case a liquid base supplement is best suited.

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Benefits of Quality Dietary Supplements

To maintain essential nutrition percentage in the body, it is essential to take necessary food and dietary supplements. Capsule manufacturing companies play a major role in catering to these health supplement needs. Dietary supplements help individuals to be healthy and remain fit. These supplements are taken to complement the diet to compensate the lack of right nutrients for the body to perform various metabolic activities.

Busy schedules, work pressure and a fast lifestyle force you to skip daily meals and rely on junk food. This deprives you of a nutritious diet and makes you weak leading to many lifestyle diseases. Dietary supplements turn to be the only hope that can help in regaining the health. Tablet packaging and contract manufacturing companies produce many custom formulae to prevent and treat different diseases. Many diseases get cured due to proper intake of these health supplements.

Different health-problems like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, signs of old age are cured with the help of dietary supplements and improve the quality of your lifespan. Many other illnesses like diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, anemia, liver problems, and kidney problems arise due to deficiency of nutrients in the body. If you take the right supplements regularly under proper guidance, you can protect yourself from various health issues.

Considering the health benefits of these supplements, capsule manufacturing companies produce quality, safe to use and effective supplements.

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Important Facts on Dietary Supplements and Uses

Dietary supplements play a vital role in compensating physical weakness, prevent diseases and also to cure some ailments. There are some major issues that you have to keep in mind to maintain good health.

Digestive System Problems

Digestive system is one of the most important systems in human body. If it fails to function properly then all the processes in the body gets affected. It is important not to stress a lot on the digestive system. There are a number of dietary supplements that can help in proper digestion.

Sleep Health

To remain healthy, it is important to sleep well. If you are in the habit of working late in the nights and neglecting to sleep, then you are opening the gate to many disorders and diseases. Some people suffer from sleep trouble and it is important to make changes in the lifestyle to get good night’s sleep. Some natural supplements can help in triggering sleep and maintain good health.

Joints & Bone Problems

Dietary supplements can helps in complimenting your diet with proper exercises to improve bone health and prevent diseases like osteoporosis. It also helps in maintaining healthy cartilage. These supplements also help in tackling the old-age problems including joint and bone pain.

One should take dietary supplements considering the age, illness and other health considerations. Contract manufacturing firms produce quality dietary and health supplements to cater to the major requirements of human body.

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Don’t Fall Victim to Fraud Dietary Supplements

Ever watched an advertisement somewhere where the message talks about weight losing dietary supplements that is guaranteed to help you lose 7 pounds in 7 days?

But, pause and think for a second before you rush over to the nearest drug store and purchase that drug so meticulously glorified in the commercial you just saw.

Any sane person will realize the fact that there can be no such thing as a miracle weight lose dietary supplement that will make you achieve that slim figure you have always dreamed about.

Apart from the fact that these drugs will never live up to its promises, they also cause serious health issues. Unless the drug is manufactured by a certified contract manufacturing company well known for producing genuine, trusted products, it is not wise to purchase any other sort of dietary supplements.

The reason that these dietary supplements reaches the market and gets distributed so easily is because a dietary supplement does not generally require a Food and Drug administration approval.

Since dietary supplements are consumed in order to make up for the nutrient deprivations arising from the limitation of food intake. Therefore, it is very important to take measures so that the dietary supplements that you are consuming is providing you with the right nutrients required for your body to function properly.

Being careless about your health by focusing the whole energy on how to lose weight can make anyone paranoid and obsessive. This will in turn drive you toward trying out the drugs you saw being sold on the internet which obviously in whatsoever way does not display any signs of being a trusted diet supplement manufacturing firm.

Most weight lose products contain prescription drugs which are very dangerous but the contents remains un-mentioned on the ingredient label as the manufacturers know the consequences of this illegal practice.

These tainted weight lose dietary products when consumed has hazardous effects on the health of the consumer. There are many related side effects as a result of continuous use and it can even be fatal on some cases.

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Benefits and Availability of Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements have been beneficial to a number of people in compensating the nutritional loss in the body. There has been an increasing demand for these products. Today, around half of the population takes a variety of supplements for strengthening muscles, for preventing and treating diseases.

Busy life style has prevented many of us in consuming essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. To prevent nutrients deficiency, weakness the nutritional supplements are used that provides a person with energy and compensates the nutritional loss.

Eye formula, Ginkgo Biloba, Prostate Formula, Male formula etc. are some of the major supplements that many contract manufacturing firms offer. These products used to treat various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems, thyroid problems, blood clotting problems, etc.

There are a number of health supplements available these days. You have to be careful before buying any of these products. It is important to use quality dietary supplements for better results. There can be some potential dangers and side effects if you choose poor quality substances.

Contract manufacturing firms offer manufacturing of quality health products at affordable prices. The products that these firms offer undergo various levels of safety testing under strict quality control inspections ensuring safe usage of each and every product.

If you are looking for such a reliable company, you can take help from internet. There are a number of websites available that provide customers with innumerable options offering contract manufacturing services, tablet packaging and labeling.

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Quality Contract Manufacturing Services

It is important to seek help from professional contract manufacturing specialists for manufacturing quality supplements. Their services include tooling, material costs and labor. In the modern pharmaceutical industry, the professional contract manufacturers benefit the clients in various ways.

Cost savings

Manufacturing medicines need various sophisticated machinery, tools, labor etc. It is very expensive to set up a manufacturing plant and bear all the expenses. Contract manufacturers can be of immense help in this regard. If you want to produce some quality health supplements or medicines, you can rely on their services and save a lot of money.

Right Potency

Any dietary supplement or health product contains the right potency for safe and effective use. Encapsulation specialists focus on high potency and concentration of essential nutrients while manufacturing such products. The research and development team constantly work to enhance the effectiveness of these products. Different kinds of multi-vitamins, minerals and other ingredients are used to keep the products pure and free from any type of contaminants.

Quality Maintenance

Apart from using the right potency of the products, companies aim at maintaining high quality of all the dietary supplements. They constantly monitor and check the quality of the products by setting up various levels of security check.

These major roles of contract manufacturing firms serve the clients in producing quality health supplements. These encapsulation experts also offer right labeling and packaging to fulfill the needs of various pharmaceutical industries.

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Tablet Manufacturing Process and Responsibilities

With the increasing demand for tablet manufacturing, encapsulation specialists offer quality medicines, health supplements and other drugs. They make sure that the products are safe and impact users with the desired results. They have the research and development team who keep on producing quality products. Before a product is delivered to the end user, they make sure that it undergoes various phases of quality check points.


Encapsulation specialists stick to a strong ethical philosophy and strive to improve more. They use the resources optimally to guarantee the customers with product quality. The process development objectives focus on optimized process, easy technology transfer, reliable and scalable process.

Research and Development Responsibilities

Constantly monitor the quality of products, manufacturing process and technical expertise. They identify the crucial parameters on product development and critical process controls. Tablet Manufacturing Process includes a series of important steps such as encapsulation, blending, drying, granulation and film coating. Product manufacturing uses a diversity of measurement techniques ensuring product reproducibility.

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and labeling are also crucial to any tablet manufacturing process. Professional contract manufacturing services providers make sure that the products are packed with care for effective use and durability. They also display the facts and figures and details of the ingredients used on various products.

As any health supplement or medicine has an expiry date, they publish the date of manufacture and expiry dates.

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Right Labeling for Health Supplements

Labeling is an important aspect in the process of manufacturing health supplements. Before a product is used by the end users, encapsulation specialists use different stages of quality checking to measure of their safety and effectiveness. Through proper labeling, manufacturers communicate the product information. Labeling facts are the details of the ingredients, nutritional content, product information, date of manufacture, and date of expiry.

Nutritional information

Health supplements and dietary supplements are used to compensate the nutritional loss and weakness in human body. In addition, these products are used for treating various diseases. While manufacturing these products, encapsulation specialists use appropriate nutritional content and print the information on the products. They give the percentage of an ingredient used in products like capsules and tablets.


Several ingredients are used in manufacturing dietary products. These ingredients help in boosting the body system and compensate with the essential nutrients. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients are used to supplement human body. However, it is important to display the information about the ingredients on the products. Encapsulation specialists make sure to share the details accurately.

Expiry Date

The date after which the products are not safe to use is referred as expiry date. The ingredients used in the products stop showing their effect on human body after the expiry period. Moreover, there can be negative effects if these products are used after expiry. Therefore, encapsulation specialists use codes to denote the expiry date. There are different types of codes such as ‘sell by’, ‘best if used by’, ‘Use by’ etc.

Hence, labeling details help in spreading information related to the quality, safety and effectiveness of health supplements. Therefore, professional labeling and encapsulation specialists consider all the aspects of labeling before they start marketing their products.

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